L'Avant Poste

The produce-led menu at L’Avant-Poste features country-style fare - from the team behind Les Résistants.

Featuring ingredients from different national terroirs, the menu at L’Avant-Poste invites you to discover the tastes of country-style fare; using exceptional and ethical ingredients (e.g. mussels from Ile de Groix and butter made from the milk of Froment du Léon cows) sourced from more than 300 farmers, market gardeners and French winemakers. The kitchen is headed up by chef Gaëtan Coculo (formerly Sous-Chef at the owners other restaurant - Les Résistants), dishing up a daily-changing menu of small sharing plates dictated by the seasons. Served alongside a wine list of over 500 wines with an emphasis on  biodynamic and natural wines for small producers. Expect the dining room to have a country house look and feel - designed by the architects Jeanne Notari and Morgane Grandcolas of Paon Studios. 

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