Crate to Plate

Be part of the future of food production and own a piece of Crate to Plate, the London based urban farming venture.

Urbanologie is always looking to support independent businesses across the dining, culture and hospitality sectors - driving positive change and contributing to a more sustainable and ethical future. Our commitment to sustainability has led us to get directly involved with Crate to Plate – a London-based urban farming business bringing sustainable, local production of leafy greens to urban communities.

Our partnership with Crate to Plate is driven by our mission to be even more invested in our future, as well as support entrepreneurial businesses that are making a real difference. Crate to Plate harnesses hydroponic and aeroponic technology to grow the freshest possible produce, totally chemical and pesticide free, using up to 99% less water than traditional means. 

The quality of produce is unrivalled, and is used by many of the restaurants and businesses we feature on Urbanologie, including Michelin-starred restaurants such as Hide, Elystan Street and The Ledbury, as well as Apricity, Annabel’s and Fortnum & Mason. You can also find it in independent grocers like The Notting Hill Fish Shop and Andreas of Chelsea Green. 

Crate to Plate believes that consumers in cities should be able to buy higher quality food, free of any pesticides, which hasn’t been shipped from thousands of miles away to be consumed a week after harvest. To help achieve this goal, they are now crowdfunding on Crowdcube - to expand their production capacity and to grow their ‘direct to consumer’ offering, introducing a subscription box delivery service. You can now own a piece of Crate to Plate and help fund their expansion by investing as little as £10.  

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Fresh, locally grown, sustainable produce