Isola Ristorante at Jumeirah Islands Clubhouse

Located at Jumeirah Islands, Isola Ristorante takes inspiration by the rich culinary traditions of the south and islands of Italy.

Isola takes its inspiration from the Italian islands of Sicily, Sardinia and Capri, paying homage to their rich and diverse culinary traditions and most loved and celebrated ingredients. The kitchen are headed up by three chefs from each of the islands, championing local dishes like Sardinian malloreddus, Sicilian tomato salad and spaghetti alle vongole e bottarga. 

Nestled within the renovated Jumeirah Islands Clubhouse, Isola combines picture-perfect interiors featuring jade lounges, floral aesthetics and calming deck views with Mediterranean-style hospitality and plenty of Italian charm.

Open daily, from 8am to 11pm.

Ideal For

Wholesome Italian cooking