From the owner of Five Leaves and Marlow & Sons, Donna is a good go-to for casual cocktails, Central American-inspired dishes, and a little bit of dancing.

Donna, in South Williamsburg has a slick Miami-style décor, and a young, cool, casual clientele. It fills a gap between the many speakeasy cocktail bars and less glamorous dive bars, with an extensive cocktail list and a fun late-night vibe, where the DJs play mainly old soul and R&B 45s. 

Donna is the vision of design brothers Haslegrave - also responsible for Elsa, Paulie Gee's and Goat Town - known for their unfinished, reclaimed look. Owner Leif Huckman (Five Leaves, Marlow & Sons, and Freemans) hails from Honduras, and there is certainly a Central American influence running throughout both design and menu with the delicately-proportioned dishes such as stuffed avocado with oxtail jam and chorizo empanadas.

Ideal For

Effortless night out with friends.