The Playboy Club

After a three-decade break, this iconic club is returning to NYC.

Playboy has certainly had a sorted history, but it's clubhouses have always been iconic. This bunny-filled club was once a major status symbol and after a thirty-year hiatus, it is returning to the city that never sleeps filled with all new important details, ears and tails included. 

Coming soon to 42nd Street inside the Cachet Boutique New York hotel, they will be bringing back the sexy and sophisticated look and feel from clubs in days gone by, maintaining a classy aesthetic whilst keeping the space open for today's populace. It's unclear how much this new club will follow the old rules, but there used to be a very strict enforcement of protocol for all staff and guests alike. 

It is anyone's guess how today's New Yorkers will react to the new club.

Stay tuned...


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