Le Relais de Venise L’Entrecôte - SoHo

With one successful NYC branch already under its belt, the 'steak frites' only restaurant, that originated in Paris in 1950's, is expanding.

Over half a century ago, a French man bought an Italian restaurant in Paris with the intention of using it to push his family's wine business. Wanting to keep the menu simple - forcing the brain to focus on the wine - he just served a special recipe of steak and salad. His plan backfired spectacularly when it turned out that the secret recipe was so good, that people would queue down the street for it, not the wine. Fast forward to present day, now his daughter is calling the shots with the business expanding to New York and London.

The Midtown branch has become a mainstay for getting that meaty fix when you want to feel transported to another time and place, whilst filling up on delicious steak with all the salad, fries and special, secret sauce you could want. It only makes sense that they are finally opening up a second location, this time down in Soho.

They'll be sticking to their winning formula, complete with waitresses in uniforms that look much like a French maid's from the decade when it all began.


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