The 2019 Serpentine Summer Pavilion

This year, Junya Ishigami becomes the nineteenth architect to design the temporary pavilion at the Serpentine Galleries' grounds in Hyde Park.

Japanese experimental architect Junya Ishigami has been selected to design this year's Serpentine Pavilion, which takes the form of a huge slate roof rising up out of the landscape. The Tokyo-based architect, who leads the studio Junya Ishigami + Associates, describes his design as being like "a hill made out of rocks". It will comprise a roof made out of natural slate, arranged to look it has emerged from the ground.

Like his previous architectural projects, which include the glass-walled KAIT studio at Kanagawa Institute of Technology, the design is intended to show that nature and architecture can be in harmony with one another. Ishigami is the 19th architect to design a pavilion at the Serpentine, following works by Frida Escobedo of Mexico, Francis Kere of Burkina Faso, Bjarke Ingels of Denmark, and selgascano of Spain. 

Ideal For

Summer nights, art buffs, admiring the architecture