Dry River Brewing Tasting Room

The Boyle Heights brewery’s tasting room is now open to the public, offering viewings of their taproom, craft beers tastings, the chance to chat with brewmaster Naga Reshi as well as brewery tours.

Dry River makes beer that is whole, seasonal, and sustainable. The beer is fermented in used oak barrels. Respecting the local environment, the brewery uses yeast strains that thrive at Los Angeles temperatures as well s solar-thermal water heating and fermentation without glycol for its sustainable brewing practices. Dry River beer is neither filtered nor pasteurized, with bottles “bottle conditioned”- a method that is a much older resulting in “living beer” with a far deeper flavor. Dry River Brewing incorporates ingredients like local grown fruits, hops, herbs, flowers and spices, using neighborhood wild yeasts.

The Tasting Room is open every first and third weekend.

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