Best Places for Pancakes

Holy crêpe! Discover London's best eateries to batter up...

L’Ami Malo

A stylish all-day eatery (near Spitalfields Market) and (speakeasy style) bar has been inspired by France’s Northwest and the town of St. Malo in Brittany, famous for its delicious galettes. This modern interpretation (open in January, 2018) of a classic French crêperie has an innovative menu (of savoury, tradiitonal & sweet versions) elevating the humble galette by using buckwheat – favoured for its healthy, versatile and gluten-free properties. Try one of their savoury galettes which take a unique Asian twist and come delivered in ‘maki’-style rolls with signatures including Bayonne ham with Comté cheese, tomato tartare, roasted hazelnuts and baby spinach; and smoked salmon, avocado, lemon cream cheese and sunflower seeds. Open Monday to Saturday. 

Where the Pancakes Are

Flippin’ good news for pancake fans – street trader Where the Pancakes Are have opened their first bricks-and-mortar restaurant. It's the all-day and evening home for sweet and savoury stacks of buttermilk pancakes, craft ciders, buckwheat-blinis and prosecco. Enjoy nutritious heaps of pancakes – savoury or sweet - or choose from the menu of blinis, with a selection of toppings (such as salmon & horseradish cream, smoked mackerel & salsa verde) and a selection of 'boozy' mini-stacks and desserts (vanilla poached kumquats with Cointreau cream and salted caramel with banana & Southern Comfort cream). The space, designed by Dutch Agency Overtreders-W, brings together the relaxed vibes of California, with the simple design found in Northern Europe in a quintessential British setting - Flat Iron Square, the Southwark spot tipped to be a new Foodie hub in London. Open Monday to Sunday - times vary.

My Old Dutch

One of London’s oldest pancake houses, this mini chain with three outlets (Chelsea, Kensington & Holborn) offer sweet, savoury and anything pancake you can think of. Established in 1958, they have been dishing out crêpes in enormous portions to devoted patrons ever since. The sweet side of the menu is fairly straightforward – the sweet classics such as sugar & lemon, banana, nuts & chocolates, maple syrup & butter and nutella. Their fluffy little ‘poffertjes’ cakes (small, puffy pancakes), strewn with fruit and cream, are about as wacky as it gets – but the savouries are more outlandish, with smoked duck, chicken curry and Hawaiian variations available. In additions to pancakes they also serve classic Dutch savouries such as kaasballen (deep fried balls of mozzarella, onion & breadcrumbs) and bitterballen (meatballs).

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club serves sweet or savoury pancakes all day. Here, you get small towers of American pancakes, complete with cream, berries and just a drizzle of maple syrup. However, the star of the show is the salted caramel banoffee pancakes with vanilla cream and chocolate sauce. Other specials include cinnamon bun, lemon meringue and chorizo & sweetcorn salsa pancakes. Every Pancake Day Breakfast Club hosts the Pancake Challenge across all their nine London locations. The rules are simple: eat 12 pancakes in less than 15 minutes. If you win, it’s free. If you lose, you’ll pay full price and they donate all profits to charity. 

Kensington Crêperie

Established in 2001, Kensington Crêperie is a charming French crêperie nestled in the heart of South Kensington. The menu runs evenly between savoury crêpes such as an English breakfast (bacon, mushrooms, tomato, egg & cheddar) or an Italian (pepperoni, mozzarella, cherry tomato, basil & cheddar), and sweet crêpes, such as a traditional (sugar, lemon & butter), or a Suzette (butter, sugar, orange & Grand Marnier). A 'make your own' option proves popular, too. As is French tradition, crêpes here are served alongside a good selection of ciders, with drops from Normandy, Breton and Bouches-du-Rhône on offer by the glass, carafe and bottle. They also serve waffles, smoothies, milkshakes and home-made gelato.