The Grid

An immersive, multi-room alcoholic escape experience inspired by the science fiction anthology television series 'Black Mirror'.

An immersive, multi-room tech-driven alcoholic escape experience where you get to go undercover an Artificial Intelligence firm in an attempt to learn and defeat the “system” and solve puzzles across a series of rooms, with the bar as a backdrop.

Join The Grid, a secret society of individuals working to safeguard humanity’s future against machines. On the day of the experience, arrive undercover at the AI corp’s ( HQ, where you must move between different rooms, interacting with the Artificial Intelligence and Neosight specialist technology as they try to stop the corporation from crunching human data for the “greater good”. The 1.5 hour experience is full of surprises, bespoke tech and futurists tonics (sci-fi cocktails), from the team behind ABQ, The Bletchley and The Bunyadi. Tickets are priced from £30.