Unagi or freshwater eel is pretty much all that is served at this new Japanese restaurant in Midtown.

Located on the second floor of a townhouse, the intimate dining room, seats just 40 diners. The restaurant has black walls, red curtains and a light wood counter and tables.

Unagi has been a dietary staple in Japan for the last 5000 years and continues to be considered a delicacy.

At Hachibei eel is grilled and seared on both sides as it is brushed with a secret sauce developed in Kyushu, Kumamoto, the island in south-western Japan where it is a specialty. It is served with rice as well as soup, salad, seasoned tofu and pickles and will set U back $55 for the regular size and $75 for the large. During lunch, only 100 orders of the dish will be served, a move designed to help conserve some of the eel.

Ideal For

Unagi lovers

Signature Dishes

Grilled eel over rice with salad, soup and daikon pickles.