Lost Lagoon by Bompass & Parr

A subterranean, boat-based buccaneering adventure to an underground paradise.

The pirate-themed pop-up allows you to set sail between different desert islands. With a plot inspired by the world's most famous buccaneer himself, Lost Lagoon represents a fantastical reinterpretation of the eponymous Captain Henry Morgan's world, and requires you to navigate yourselves by boat on the world's largest indoor lagoon to a series of islands inspired by the atolls of the south Pacific.

Along the way, face creative challenges as part of an immersive theatrical production (from dressing up in disguise, breaking out of jail to deciphering 'ancient' tablets), and receive rum-based rations before discovering Captain Morgan's ultimate hidden bounty - an island party palace set against a radical reimagining of South Pacific island-inspired tiki culture. Amid a party bar of rum-based drinks, features include a whirlpool cocktail station, beach-inspired food and entertainment. Tickets are available (from December 14th) from £20, including two drinks.

Ideal For

Budding buccaneers, rum soaked