Designs on London by Alexandra Llewellyn

The London-based British designer handpicks and shares with U her favourite stylishly designed hangouts, ideal for a game or two...

The Stafford London

My favourite place in London to play a game of backgammon with a dirty martini from their renowned American bar. The service is the very best - the concierge is world renowned. The hotel has a lovely secluded outdoor courtyard, amazing for St James’, where you’ll find me on balmy summer evenings challenging the charming GM Stuart Proctor to a game, or three. I always meet characters - everyone who knows the Stafford is a die-hard fan. 

William and Son

This Mayfair store is full of unique and exquisitely made objet, gifts and clothing. Often made in house or else in the UK, you are sure to find some unique treasures. They are also specialists in watches and fine jewellery. When you enter the store, it feels quintessentially British and each object is of the very best quality and design. Pictured. 

Banya Spa No 1

A traditional Russian spa in Hoxton. My biggest treat after a long week is to walk along the canal from our studio in Hackney, east London, to spend a couple of hours between the steam room and plunge pool, with a Parenie treatment where barrel chested Russian attendants swirl the steam around you with oak branches. Each guest is assigned a private table, where you can order an array of delicacies such as cured salmon, pickles, hot lemon water, or horseradish vodka.

Victoria and Albert Museum

My favourite museum in the world. I will often spend days between design research in the library and wandering the wonderful collections in search of inspiration and ideas. My current favourites are teh medieval rooms, full of centuries old relics made with extraordinary craftsmanship in carved woods, enamel and metal work. The exhibitions are never a disappointment - I’ve been to the current Dior show 3 times already. Their new members room is a lovely space to meet clients for lunch.


Not only are the galleries in London the very best, but the mixture of architecture and therefore rooftops, and this restaurant at the top of the National Portrait Gallery combines the two. It is light with wonderful rooftop views, and always delicious food. I love to start at the National Gallery, then turn around the corner off Trafalger Sq into the Portrait Gallery, finishing with a lovely lunch and perhaps a glass of wine and a game or two.  

Alexandra Llewellyn is known for creating original and beautifully handcrafted backgammon sets, luxury games and bespoke furniture. Launched in London in 2010, Alexandra has gained a reputation for creating extraordinary bespoke versions of games such as backgammon, poker, chess and mah-jong, and games tables. Alexandra also creates unique marquetry boxes to house important objects and jewellery, and as exceptional custom gifts.

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