Dina Nikolaou at Omer

Dina Nikolaou stars as the restaurant's first guest chef for a three-day Greek feast...

Modern Greek cuisine makes an appearance at Alain Ducasse’s recently opened Omer restaurant in the Hôtel de Paris in Monte Carlo, this June. Greek celebrity chef Dina Nikolaou - is offering two separate tasting menus (lunch and dinner) during her three-day residency incorporating signature Mediterranean dishes from her Parisian Evi Evane restaurant. Expect colourful dishes packed full of Greek flavours.


Ideal For

A celebration of Greece

Signature Dishes

Fava with a Corinth raisin preserve; octopus with Cretan thyme honey and fresh thyme; miniature puff pastries with the Mani speciality of siglino and bergamot and chocolate and hazelnut baklava.