Turk's Inn & The Sultan Room

An old-school Midwestern supper club recreated in Bushwick.

The Turk’s Inn was founded in 1934 in Wisconsin, where for 80 years it served steaks and chops alongside more exotic fare in a lush Arabesque setting. Upon its closing in 2014, new owners moved it lock, stock and barrel to Brooklyn. In its new home, the Turk’s Inn is a 60-seat meticulously-detailed dining room (complete with kitschy aesthetic) inspired by the original, a take-out kiosk serving upscale shawarma, a rooftop patio, and a nightclub called The Sultan Room. Expect a “contemporary take” on the original’s Turkish-inspired chophouse menu, with dishes such as monkfish with paprika and lemon aioli, lamb ribs with green tomato chutney and moussaka. 

Ideal For

Kitsch nights out

Favorite Room

Inspired by the iconic mid-century design of American fast food restaurants, check out the adjacent Doner Kebab takeaway counter in a whimsical Memphis Milano style, featuring hot pink, winding laminate countertops. The menu offers a range of shawarmas and Ottomon spice fries.

Signature Dishes

Lamb Meatballs with spicy yogurt sauce; monkfish kebab with paprika & preserved lemon aioli; lamb ribs with green tomato chutney and adjika; and chicken with green tomato chutney & adjika and grilled whole porgy with lemon sauce.

Signature Drinks

Margie with coconut-washed tequila, lime, cucumber and sumac; Turk’s Delight with rum, hibiscus, cider and coconut and Ankara Akbash with vodka, ginger, cumin, thyme and lime.