Ssäm Bar at the Seaport by David Chang

Home to the relocated Ssam Bar, which has been a landmark in Manhattan’s East Village for more than 14 years - dishing up highly original Korean-American inspired food.

After nearly 14 years in the East Village, Momofuku Ssäm Bar - one of Chang’s earliest restaurants - reopens in the South Street Seaport space that was previously home to Wayō cocktail bar. Over the year's Ssäm Bar has undergone several chef changes and multiple menu identities but yet remained a popular spot for bold flavors, large format dining, and cross-cultural dishes.

Expect even more highly original small plates - from the ever-changing Korean-inflected menu - that are unfussy but big on flavour with elements from Wayō’s menu and service style incorporated into the new Ssäm Bar at the Seaport, including the tabletop grilling and karaoke rooms. 

The space was designed in partnership with Design Agency (Majordōmo, Kōjin, Kāwi) and is anchored by a ​27-seat ​wraparound bar and standing counter space. On one side of the bar, a wall of windows overlooks the East River and there's also communal seating with views available on the 50-seat patio.

Check back for updates. 



Ideal For

Waterfront dining, drinking in the views

Signature Dishes

Onion rings​ ​with ranch and trout roe; ​hamburger dip​ with wagyu beef and American cheese; an ​imitation Krab Roll​; the 2-minute steak​ with potato salad; and the ​half​ ​smothered Royale​, an omelet with sausage gravy and rice.

Signature Drinks

​Melon Creamy Soda​ with Simple Vodka, Midori, Yakult and Rockey’s Milk Punch;​ ​The Beacon​ with Rittenhouse Rye, Braulio, raspberry, grapefruit and soda; and the ​Kappa​ with snap pea mint shiso Ford’s Gin, calamansi, soda, and lime.