Tenho Ramen

New York’s first Kurume ramen restaurant direct from Fukuoka, the birthplace of Tonkotsu Ramen.

Tenho Ramen is the latest Japanese import to hit New York City, serving one of the most internationally beloved styles of ramen with origins in Kurume - an inland city on Japan’s Kyushu island. The signature broth is made with pork bones in the “yobimodoshi” method, using the same soup stock day after day. Alongside the seven different ramen dishes there's also a varity of grilled skewers and small plates of offer. Open from 5pm, daily. 

Ideal For

Ramen spot

Signature Dishes

Karaage fried chicken; Chashu pork steamed buns and the signature Tenho Ramen with tonkotsu broth, chashu pork, wood ear mushroom, scallions, toasted seaweed and soft boiled egg and Washugyu Sukiyaki with simmered beef with enoki mushroom, crown daisy & scallions.