Palestinian-inspired restaurant in Chelsea dishing up traditional Middle Eastern cuisine.

New York’s newest Middle Eastern entrant comes from a seasoned restaurateur inspired by flavors and memories from Palestine. The inviting, light-filled neighborhood restaurant specializes in authentic home cooking dishes of the Middle East and the Mediterranean from Palestinian native Tarek Daka.

Daka grew up on a family farm in Baqa al-Gharbiyye, a Palestinian town in Israel and many of the dishes have been inspired by his mother, Rasmiya - such as meatballs baked with cauliflower and tahini, and makloubeh, a chicken-and-rice dish that comes in a ceramic bowl and then gets flipped over onto a plate.

Ideal For

Palestinian home cooking

Signature Dishes

Muhammara - a hot pepper dip with walnuts, sun-dried peppers & pomegranate molasses; cauliflower dumplings with scallions and yogurt cucumber-dill sauce; Palestinian meatballs baked with cauliflower, onion, tomatoes & tahini sauce and grass-fed filet mignon, eggplant, tomato, garlic & harissa sauce.