The Canary Club

A multi-level restaurant, live music lounge and supper club bringing a New Orleans vibe to the Lower East Side.

Inspired by the bohemian influences and multicultural nature of New Orleans and the unusual colors of wild canaries, the unexpected interiors draw inspiration from Wes Anderson and the disco era - to the upstairs dining room, lounge and club spaces.

The restaurant is led by chef Tadd Johnson, formerly of The Smile, who has crafted a playful tapas menu of French Creole cuisine and Cajun flavors such as: charred chayote, crispy maitake mushroom, and a crudité with crayfish butter. 

At the heart of the Canary Club concept is music, and nightly programming includes live jazz and DJs. Open Wednesday to Sunday from 5pm to late. 

Ideal For

Nights out, Cajun-Inspired seafood

Signature Dishes

Fish boudin on toast - a savory stew with tarragon and deviled egg yolks; maitake mushroom and French onion cloumage with chives, gruyere cheese and caramelized onions; escargot with “canary sauce” and garlic and, roasted eggplant with crawfish butter.

Signature Drinks

The "Surrealist Manifesto" with mezcal, becherovka, maple, lemon and chocolate molé bitters and the "Man Ray’s 'Minotaur'” with bourbon, averna and lucano coffee liqueur.