My Perfect Day - Alexis Hubshman

Urbanologist, founder and President of SCOPE Art Fair, Alexis Hubshman, shares with U his 'perfect day' in Miami.

How do you start your day? 

I usually wake up around 6:30am and go straight into meditation. Then I like to make a protein shake, have some coffee, and then head to the gym.  

Leisurely lunch places go to? 

When I’m in town for Art Week, I like tokeep it simple. My go to leisure lunch place is La Sandwicherie. I also like News Cafe.

Favorite way to pass the time in Miami? 

If I am not onsite at SCOPE, you can find me at The Loews Hotel, the pool or on the beach.

Favorite Miami landmarks, and why?

I always love visiting the Vizcaya. It’s a nice drive and a great place to clear your head.

Tipple of choice and favorite cocktail hangouts? 

About 20 years ago when SCOPE was just starting out, there was a year Art Basel was canceled. It was that year I discovered the now Art Week gem Mac’s Club Deuce. It was pretty unknown at that time, and I like to give myself some credit for introducing it to the Art World. 

Favorite dining destinations, and why?

My favorite places to go when I visit are Toni’s Sushi in Miami Beach, Mandolin Aegean Bistro, and Michael’s Genuinein the Miami Design District. 

Most memorable meal in Miami? And Where? 

I will never forget when the Delano had an over the top decadent brunch every Sunday for under $30. You could have found me there every Sunday back in the day.

Favorite shop you couldn’t life without in Miami. 

My favorite shop in Miami has to be the Loews Hotel shop. It has great quality essentials if you forgot anything as well as some more boutique items.

Where next on your travels? 

Next up for me is China where I will be working on the beginnings of a new experiential project. 

Alexis Hubshman is the founder and President of Scope Art Fair Inc. a privately held international contemporary art show. Founded in 2000, Scope has produced over 70 international art shows in New York, Miami, Basel, London, Los Angeles and The Hamptons. Over the past decade, Scope has grown into one of the largest art contemporary art shows in the world with the largest global presence.

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