Review: Simply Healing Detox Retreats

A holistic, residential detox and wellness retreat with a visionary, pioneering yet accessible approach.

Set in a mid-19th century country home in the heart of West Sussex, Simply Healing Detox Retreat in West Sussex runs highly revered and well-respected (voted as one of the World's Most Incredible Spa Breaks for 2020 by The Daily Telegraph) juicing detox and cleansing programmes, from long weekends to a week long, and including bespoke weight loss and juice detox programmes. 

This family run business is led by world-renowned detox expert and visionary Vivien Kay, who has been running these retreats from the comfort of her homely countryside home - an 18th-century house amid nine acres - for over several decades, having learnt her craft in California when juicing became popular during the 1970s. The comforting and restorative haven (complete with roaring fires, landscaped gardens) provides an idyllic setting for the rebalancing retreats - ideal for those of us needing a reboot.

Vivien is a trusted advocate on the benefits of raw juicing and nutritional health and her approach is principled, genuine and sincere - programmed to cleanse, reset, detox and make you glow. The retreats are focused entirely on eliminating toxins from your body, drawing them out with specialist treatments, including colonic hydrotherapy, and regular juicing, as well as herbal supplements such as psyllium husk, a plant extract that can help to lower cholesterol. 

Days are spent resting, light exercising and indulging in more soothing supplementary treatments such as therapeutic massages, reflexology, scrubs and meditation sessions. You'll go home feeling lighter, clearer and bursting with energy - and planning your next retreat. Prices start from £650 for a long weekend - based on single occupancy. 

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