An authentic, casual dining Vietnamese restaurant from Blue Hill at Stone Barns and Benu alums.

Bolero is an deep dive into all things Vietnam. Named after the most popular form of dance back in 1950s Sài Gòn, the restaurant is fill throughout with references and treasures from Vietnam. Menu-wise - discover unexplored specialties served family-style by the Vietnamese-American chefs who have trained at Michelin-starred establishments such as Blue Hill at Stone Bars and Benu in San Francisco. Many of the herbs and vegetables come from his farm and the restaurant’s backyard also used as an authentic tea garden. Open Monday to Sunday, from 6pm. 

Ideal For

specialties from Vietnam

Signature Dishes

Steamed dumplings with mushrooms; ground Wagyu beef wrapped in betel leaf; poached chicken with Vietnamese coriander and cured eggs; and a typical Mekong Delta specialty, whole fried fish in a Red Boat vinaigrette.