Moscow's Best Restaurants by Andrey Makhov

Andrey Makhov, Executive Chef of Café Pushkin, the legendary Moscow-based restaurant shares with U his recommendations of the best restaurants in Moscow


This is one of the most remarkable restaurants in Moscow. It has outstanding baroque chinoiserie interiors and offers exquisite cuisine to its guests. Famous Chefs from Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Japan contributed to the menu creation and they have achieved an authentic yet gourmet taste of Pan Asian dishes. I recommend you to try the Beijing duck. There are two variations of it in Turandot: the classic and the duck Pi Pa served with black truffle. Pictured.


For the Muscovite cuisine.  Its interior is inspired by so-called ‘industrial palaces’ popular at the end of the 19th century. It’s very cosy and festive at the same time. All dishes are delicious, but I especially recommend trying the lamb rack with buckwheat porridge. For the first timers, I’d definitely recommend trying the Tasting Menu created by the Chef Vlad Piskunov, who’s well known for his profound knowledge of Russian cuisine, culture and traditions, roots, history and literature. The menu is a gastronomic summary of Russian cuisine in nine dishes, with their own legend, deeply connected with the history of the Russian land.


I like Kazbek’s atmosphere, that makes you forget you are in Moscow and believe you are in Tbilisi. I love dishes of traditional Georgian cuisine, such as khinkali, khachapuri, lobio, satsivi. In Kazbek they are cooked perfectly! I would recommend choosing a table on the terrace by the window. If you are planning your visit in advance, make sure you that you visit from Wednesday to Saturday. There are Georgian musicians singing in the restaurant. Truly unforgettable! 


What I like most about this restaurant is the huge grill in the middle of the dining hall. It is so big! You will not be able to find anything of that nature in another Moscow restaurant. Favourite dishes are the Butcher’s steak and Eclairs with custard. Butcher’s steak is one of the best steaks I have ever tried, really. Eclairs are prepared by Andrey Dellos’ grandmother’s recipe. Every Friday there is a bull roasted on the jack. Visit at 8pm and ask the grill man if you can cut a piece yourself. If you happen to be there at night-time, you are lucky! There is a great offer of two steaks for the cost of one.


In this restaurant, you will discover traditional Ukrainian cuisine. Chef Elena Nikiforova has collected unique recipes from different parts of Ukraine, carefully preserving them and adapting them to modern trends. The interiors feature - an atrium with typical Ukrainian farm animal taxidermy. I recommend that you try a real Ukrainian borscht with fragrant pampushki, baked leg of suckling pig and for an aperitif - homemade black currant liqueur with lard stewed in honey.

Andrey Makhov is Executive Chef of Café Pushkin, the esteemed Moscow-based restaurant and globally renowned as the master of haute Russian cooking. Steeped in legend and sprawling three floors, Café Pushkin is globally renowned for serving luxurious Russian cuisine to nobility in the splendid atmosphere of an 18th century Baroque mansion. 

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