Norm 54 at Brooklyn Museum

A gustatory salute to the Brooklyn Museum’s Studio 54: Night Magic exhibit.

The institution’s restaurant, The Norm, is adopting the food persona of Studio 54 with a menu that draws from the culinary culture of the circa 70s diners club goers retired to after the last dance.  The Norm 54 pop-up from March 13 to July 5, the duration of the Studio 54: Night Magic’s run, with a menu that is a contemporay ode to traditional diner culinary culture. 

Chef de cuisine Andy Mejias exaggerated and enhanced classic diner dishes look to capture the over-indulgence and over-the-top experience at Studio 54. Menu items even reference popular 70s disco hits - served alongside a list of Studio 54 themed specialty cocktails. 

As for the décor of The Norm 54, oversized versions of photographic portraits by Richard Bernstein of Studio 54 celebrity regulars, which graced overs of Warhol’s Interview magazine, adorn The Norm’s hallmark floor-to-ceiling art wall, conveying a sense of time and place of the short lived, only 33 months, Studio 54 era. 

Signature Dishes

Hustle Disco Fries, crispy shoestring fries, brown gravy with melted cheese, curds and topped with a fried egg; The Stacked Waldorf Salad with apple slices, candied walnuts, feta cheese, and arugula; Country Fried Chicken with white country gravy & mixed green salad and “The Stevie”, oversized meatball covered in Parmesan cheese, stuffed with macaroni and cheese, served with homemade sauce on a garlic crostini.

Signature Drinks

The Dancing Queen with Bacardi Rum, white peach & mint and the Ecstasy and Excess with Absolut Vodka, Tanqueray Gin, Bacardi Rum, Arete Tequila, Blue Curacao, lime juice, muddled kiwi & pineapple.