The Corona Test Centre

We have partnered with the Corona Test Centre to provide U with access to discounted COVID-19 testing.

The Corona Test Centre has been established to improve the testing capacity in Great Britain, specifically around antibody testing and to help the country get back to work and traveling safely. Their goal is to assist the UK government with testing - enabling those of us who have recovered from COVID-19 and developed a level of immunity to return to work and travel abroad. Their team of specialists and consultants bring years of healthcare and disease control-specific expertise to ensure that the Corona Test Centre deliver the best possible experience and most accurate results. 

The Corona Test Centre facilities are open across London - with doctors overseeing the processes, nurses administering the tests, experienced technicians analysing the results, and tech professionals handling the reporting. Use the following codes - and please share as approriate - for an exclusive 20% discount. 

  • URBAN20 = for single appointments or for home tests.
  • URBAN20PACKAGE = for appointment packages. 

Please view their website for detailed FAQ's, disclaimers and to learn more about testing. 

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Stay home. Stay safe. Protect the NHS. Get tested.