Brooklyn Dumpling Shop

A dumpling fast food restaurant serving up creative dumplings with zero human interaction.

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop is a new concept from Stratis Morfogen, founder of Philippe Chow and co-founder of the Brooklyn Chop House. Originally planning to offer a pick-up counter and limited seating, the space now showcases automat-style dining with zero human interaction. 

Instead of a server behind a counter, diners are greeted by a wall of lockers, which contain orders of steaming hot dumplings - reminiscent of automats that were a ubiquitous presence in NYC in the mid-20th century. The menu features 32 kinds of dumplings with an unusual blend of ingredients including bacon cheeseburger, Philly cheesesteak, French onion soup, pastrami and lamb gyro. Theres also spring rolls with fillings of lobster, Peking Duck and vegetable and dessert dumplings including fried apple and frozen hot chocolate ice cream sundae.

Check back for updates.