Hot 4 U - Delivery Only

Chefs from Cub restaurant and St John have collaborated to create a new delivery kitchen in London.

Based in the old Monty’s Deli on Hoxton Street, chefs Eddy Tejada, formerly of St John and Silo, and Matthew Scott, from Cub, have established Hot 4 U - a new offering with a London-wide delivery service for dishes - on a pre-ordered £35 set menu each Friday and Saturday. The dishes focus on “sustainability and high-grade produce” and draw on St John’s nose-to-tail approach, and span countries around the world, from Japan to Peru. Menus have so far included the likes of rabbit glazed in fig leaves with Szechuan daikon in a milk bun, and tete de cochon with rosehips and tamarind. 

Ideal For

Lockdown dining

Signature Dishes

Buttermilk curds with courgettes and fermented potato crackers; mackerel crudo with celtuce & kumquat kosho; rabbit glazed in fig leaf and Szechuan daikon & milk tea bun and burnt cheesecake with apple custard.


Alongside the set menu, the ‘Hot 4 U mini-mart’ also offers groceries such as Estate Dairy cream butter fermented in-house, kimchi, sustainably-grown vegetables, and Cacklbean eggs.