A plant-forward Mexican spot with an entirely meat-free menu.

Justin Bazdarich of Speedy Romeo and Oxomoco fame is opening a sequel to his Michelin-starred Mexican restaurant. Led by chef de cuisine Alan Delgado, an El Paso native who worked at acclaimed modern Mexican restaurant Comedor in Austin, Xilonen will serve only vegan and vegetarian Mexican fare with an entirely meat-free menu with dishes such as: masa pancake with maple syrup and salted butter; braised carrot tostada with navy beans, carrot top salsa verde and spiced maple; and churros with Oaxacan chocolate.

The restaurant - located at 905 Lorimer Street in Greenpoint, at the corner of Nassau Avenue - has been inspired by Bazdarich’s desire to create a more environmentally sustainable restaurant. The dining room is decorated with desert plants and hand-woven textiles in purple, yellow and orange that echo the colors of corn - apt as the name honors the Aztec goddess of young maize. 

Ideal For

Modernist Latin American cuisine, vegan Mexican fare.

Signature Dishes

Guacamole made with a green salsa macha and a topping of leafy winter greens; a green chorizo quesadilla with tofu, mushroom, and pecans; and a tostada featuring braised carrots with a carrot-top salsa verde, on a base of bean purée.