Camp Hox 2021

Camp Hox is back, this time on wheels...

Embark on a four-day road trip in custom VW camper vans in one of four locations across the globe – California, Holland, Normandy and the UK’s scenic south coast. Whichever trip you choose, your campsites have been booked with a suggested itinerary, and you’ll finish your trip with a stay at a Hoxton hotrl for the final night. 

The Hoxton-curated campervans are kitted out with Blank toiletries, Roberts radios and Hoxton linen and towels. Vans also have a portable BBQ for dinners outdoors, bikes for off-road exploring, camping chairs and a well-stocked fridge full of beers, wines and soft drinks. 

Cruise through East Sussex and the Kent Riviera, soaking up the scenic countryside and seaside stops in this understated corner of the UK. The Roll on Rolling Hills (the UK trip) is priced at £785, for two adults, Monday to Friday and £895 Thursday to Monday.

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Happy campers!