Le Gratin by Daniel Boulud

Michelin-starred Chef Daniel Boulud has opened this Lyonnais-inspired bistro, housed on the ground floor of the celebrated The Beekman.

The restaurant’s grand interiors take inspiration from notable bouchons and bistros of Chef Daniel's hometown of Lyon, France - with marble floors, traditional wooden chairs, cigar-colored banquettes, and decorative painted tiles that adorn the walls featuring garden flowers and playful cockatoos. In addition, Marc Dennis, a local Brooklyn-based artist best known for his hyper-realistic paintings, has created several new floral-themed artworks to be featured throughout the dining room. 

The Lyon-influenced menu features specialties such as the “Quenelle de Brochet au gratin,” a rustic Lyonnais dish famed for its delicate pike mousse with a crust of Gruyère cheese in a mushroom sauce - and a list of wines from the regions around Lyon.


Ideal For

Lyonnais-style cuisine

Signature Dishes

Crabe Marie Rose, Moules Frites Sauce Poulette, Pâté en Croûte Gourmand, Steak Tartare A La Parisienne, Magret de Canard au Poivre Vert.