My Perfect Day: Sofija Mehta

The restaurateur behind some of our favourite hangouts in Ibiza, shares with you her tips and cherished hangouts, giving an insight into her 'Perfect Day'.

How do you start your day? 

We always wake up early with our kids, I have a glass of warm lemon water and train at least 20-30 mins before dropping them off at school. If we get lucky enough Sid and I play tennis once or twice a week after the school run before heading to the office. 

Leisurely lunch places go to, in Ibiza? 

It might feel a little biased to mention our restaurants but as it’s still tricky to eat delicious vegan food outside of the home here on Ibiza, I really enjoy eating at our new plant based restaurant in the Mikasa hotel. As a vegan it truly feels like a luxury to be able to choose everything from a menu. And the non-vegans certainly don't complain! For a more leisurely lunch, other places I really enjoy are La Paloma and Beachouse.  

Favourite way to pass the time in Ibiza? Enjoying the nature of Ibiza in all its unique shapes and forms. Visiting farms, going horse riding with kids and  simply discovering new beaches and hikes are some of the things that give me joy on the island. But there is nothing better than just spending time with family and friends over long lunches and dinners. 

Favourite Ibiza landmarks, and why? Es Vedra is said to be the most magnetic point of the island and you can really feel it when up close. It’s beautiful to visit by boat or hike on the cliff edges nearest this special island which provides an amazing platform for the perfect sunset. The crystal waters of Formentera are some of the most famous in Europe, filtered by the biggest mass of Posidonia in the world, second only to Australia. Santa Gertrudis is the heart of the island, it is not only the most beautiful of all towns but it's teaming with life nearly all year round. Es Cavallet/Salinas boast some of the most stunning beaches. Behind it are the multi coloured salt lakes where, if you are lucky, you will spot the flamencos! 

Tipple of choice and favourite cocktail hangouts in Ibiza? My tipple of choice is a: ‘Jardin Botanique’, a delicious non-alcoholic cocktail with lemongrass kombucha and yuzu marmalade that will be on the Club Chinois menu. My favourite cocktail hangouts in Ibiza are...the roof top of Mikasa, as I Iove the combination of our delicious food and drinks, vibey music and the exquisite view of old town Ibiza from the other side of the port. By day or by night, it's stunning. Also Jul’s, as they have killer cocktails, a beautiful ambiance and unique decor including a cacophony of frogs ready to greet you as you walk over the bridge of their pond on arrival. I also have to note the warmth of their team, they really look after their customers.  

Favourite dining destinations in Ibiza, and why? La Paloma - charming, delicious and honest food cooked by the owner herself, Nonna. It’s set in the old finca surrounded by a colourful garden. Macao - classic Italian. Always good. Laylah for its sexy atmosphere, beautiful eastern food and great DJ’s.  

Best hangover remedy?  I don’t really drink so I rarely have a hangover. But if I do have one I enjoy my home cooked Indian food the most. If there’s no food at home I would go and enjoy a breakfast on the beach at Beachouse where you can find lots of different dishes which goes beyond the typical breakfast restaurant that serve avocado on toast etc. Two of my favourites are for example the Beachouse Tartine with caramelised onions and kimchi mayonnaise or the Tikki Chickpea with spinach and mushrooms.  

Sofija Mehta is the owner and creative inspiration behind several iconic hospitality brands. With Park Chinois at the helm, Island Hospitality brings a collection of restaurants, cafes and nightclubs across London and Ibiza including Club Chinois Ibiza and Beachouse

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