Introducing: Feed Me Seymour

Introducing your full-circle health-span solution...

Feed Me Seymour is your full-circle healthspan solution, from tailored and personalised nutrition delivered fresh to your workplace daily, self-health coaches like their intermittent fasting coach, to targeted supplementation and customised workplace pantries - all integrated into a cutting-edge super-app that guides, tracks, and scores your personal healthscape.

Feed Me Seymour delivers personalised nutrition based on your needs and goals (for breakfast, lunch, and dinner too), and also offer the support, insight, guidance, and progress tracking to help you form and maintain healthy habits. Their full circle solution also includes: a bespoke calorie counter, outcome-specific selection of vitamin and mineral nutriments and self-health coaching with actionable guidance, regular check-ins, and personal insights into your journey, all integrated into the same app that tracks your nutrition. 

Feed Me Seymour is the only AI-driven wellness platform that gives you a single, comprehensive view of your entire personal healthscape, and the personalised integrated tools to improve it. They exist to help you and your team live longer, better. For further information and enquire about a workplace trial please email: [email protected]

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