Spago Pop-Up at Cut

Hollywood hot-spot Spago is making a return to London...

Spago is popping-up at Cut at 45 Park Lane at the end of March - returning to the capital for the first time since a brief stint in the summer of 2017. Puck first opened the original Beverly Hills Spago in 1983, swiftly attracting the glitzy local clientele and rewriting the rulebook for Californian cuisine. The pop-up features many of Puck’s most well known dishes. Expect highlights such as stir-fried black pepper lobster, Austrian beef goulash with spaetzle and whole roast duck served with individual bao buns and caviar-topped smoked salmon pizza. 

Signature Dishes

Spicy tuna cones in sesame miso cone cups; smoked salmon pizza with dill cream; classic Chinese chicken salad with honey-mustard dressing; seafood coconut red Thai curry with mango chutney, coconut relish & steamed jasmine rice and whole roasted Chinese duck with steamed bao buns and fruit compote.