Accidentally Wes Anderson: The Exhibition

A fully immersive Accidentally Wes Anderson adventure awaits in London’s Kensington...

The gallery-style experience features seven themed rooms that transport you to the whimsical world of Wes Anderson’s distinctive aesthetic. From showing over 200 photographs from across the world, visitors of the exhibit are to be transported into a pastel-hued grandeur and idyllic landscapes that seem plucked from the world of the iconic director.
Accidently Wes Anderson (AWA), is a New York artist collective, exploring the most interesting and fantastical places on Earth. This exhibition consists of photographs of places that might appear in one of Wes Anderson's film themselves, as well as interesting photographic places and works reported by followers all around the world. The gallery experience takes place at 79-85 Old Brompton Road in Kensington, London. Ticket sales launch begin on November 7 with the exhibit opening on December 8.

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Create and capture your own Accidentally Wes Anderson moments.