The Polo Bar

Ralph Lauren's Polo Bar at the designer's flagship shop near Central Park is now open, his third restaurant after the supremely popular Polo Bars in Paris and Chicago.

The equestrian-inspired space on Fifth Avenue is evocative of a gentlemen’s club, with leather banquettes, horse paintings on the walls, and riding hats hang from hooks.

The menu is American, with burgers, steaks and roast beef sandwiches – with the beef coming from the designer’s own ranch in Colorado - crab cakes, a kale Caesar salad, veal chop and dover sole. There is an upstairs bar serving caviar and shrimp cocktails too as well as a Ralph’s Coffee outpost.

While mixing fashion and food may seem an unlikely pairing, Lauren recently explained his philosophy.

“Taste and style is beyond clothes. It’s in food; it’s in quality. Working out, healthy bodies, organic food—they’re all part of the same thing. They’re very young in sensibility….The kind of food that’s eaten now and the way people are responding to health, it’s all part of the same thing to me. Looking good, feeling good, you want to be slim, you want to wear that jacket that makes you tighter, makes you feel happier.”

Ideal For

Foodies and fashionistas alike

Favourite Table

One of the two side nooks off the center of the room offer more privacy, as well as good views.

Signature Dishes

Polo Bar Burger, with beef from Ralph Lauren’s 17,000-acre ranch in Colorado. Ralph’s Coffee Ice Cream, which is made using Ralph’s custom coffee blend.