NYC Champagne Week

It’s Champagne Week people; if you ever needed an excuse to spend five days drinking bubbly and going to parties, then this is it.

NYC Champagne week began four years ago as an event for the food and beverage industry, and last year they opened the doors to the public with much success. This year they're back with more events than before, so you too can enjoy the line-up of professionally-led tastings, pairing dinners, and soirees, always with bubbles in hand.

One of the big attractions we recommend is the "Champagne Passport" which can be yours for an easy $120, allowing you to check out loads of champagne-centric spots across town where you'll be treated with small sips of something special, plates of perfect pairings and other extra treats. Some of the involved spots include Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels, Giulietta’s Cantina Club, and Flinders Lane.

Go between parties to meet other enthusiasts, tasting sessions to try exclusive vintages, and seminars to beef up your know how like how the shape of your glass affects the taste. 


Ideal For

Keeping your glass full and your life sparkling.

Signature Drinks

Champagne and more champagne.