Exclusive. Café Pushkin - Not Opening

A London outpost of one of Moscow’s most famous restaurants, the grand brasserie Café Pushkin is to take over a site on Mayfair's Hay Hill.

In a mansion meant to hark back to the days when the writer Pushkin stolled the 19th-century avenues of Moscow, the extraordinary-designed reincarnation (opened in 1999) of a Russian nobleman's house has since become one of Moscow's favourite elite haunts and a staple of eating out. Referred to as the "tsarina of haute-russe dining", this sprawling mansion is divided into three (themed) floors - each with a different menu and comprises the restaurant; the Pharmacy, the Library (with an impressive collection), the Fireplace Room and a Summer Terrace - all sumptuously decorated with elegant furnishings and antiques. 

Expect the London outpost (opposite 12 Hay Hill) to mimic the original in both design and offering - with a menu showcasing the "historic fare of the Russian nobility" (i.e. a Russian and French inspired menu), including caviar, dumplings and stews (fit for a tsar), pelmeni (dumplings), beef stroganoff all paired with an impressive vodka menu. Also expect waiters to dress like nineteenth century servants and the menus to resemble old newspapers (with letters no longer used in the Russian alphabet). 

There is (literally) no information yet about when the London outpost is to open - however, we will endeavour to keep U updated. 



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Dining out in Tsarist style