Lyle's Guest Series with Yardbird's Matt Abergel

Founded in 2011, the cult yakitori restaurant (considered to be one of the best in Asia) attracts an audience from all over the world.

The restaurant specialises in yakitori - the time-honoured Japanese cooking technique in which chicken skewers are grilled over binchotan charcoal and sprayed liberally with sake and seasoned generously with seaweed salt - and also known for its izakaya-style atmosphere, free-flowing booze and a banging playlist.

The dinner at Lyle’s sees a mix of the restaurant’s classic skewers alongside some new creations using quail, cockerel and guinea fowl - alongside the restaurant’s signature vegetable dishes, such as the KFC (Korean Fried Cauliflower) and Sweet Corn Tempura and their cocktails - such as Whisky Lemonade, Shino and Yaki Lime. Dinner is priced at £49 for a set menu including a signed copy of Abergel's new book, Chicken & Charcoal. Tickets available from 29th. 

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