African Food Festival

With over 25 restaurants involved, this is truly a great slice of some of the best dishes Africa has to offer at this two day festival in August.

Celebrating some of the most vibrant flavours on the planet, the African Food Festival is coming to NYC for two days this August. Come join some of the top chefs showcasing delicacies from every corner of the continent, plus new modern tastes of how those flavours are evolving in a more Western environment. There well be celebrity chef on hand giving demonstrations, historians talking about the history of the food and culture, vendors selling authentic craftwork, jewelry, clothes and more, plus DJ's, musicians and artists to make sure the festivities go long into the night. 

With over 25 restaurants participating, this will be a great chance to try new flavours as well as see how the spread of their influence has incorporated into other cuisines around the world. With a spotlight on vegetarian and vegan dishes, there will be food of all variety available. 

The festival will be held on August 13 & 14, and ticket are on sale now, ranging from $10 - $150, depending on the package. 

Ideal For

Bypassing the long flight and tasting all the flavours