Freek's Mill

Named after their favorite "freaks," that is, the people passionate enough to grow the ingredients, this warehouse restaurant is filled with rustic charm and tasty eats.

While Gowanus is not the first place U would imagine to find a pocket of delicious, unassuming, and downright interesting food, Freek's Mill is just that. Bright and airy with massive windows, broad floor boards, and exposed light bulbs, there's plenty to like at first glance, and the experience is only enhanced once U try the food.

Helmed by chef Chad Shaner, who spent some time over at Union Square Cafe and BLT Prime, the open kitchen produces a menu that is full of surprises. Going for a Farm-to-Table ethos, where the ingredients come from people they know and respect, the dishes are unusual in design, yet filled with tasty surprises, like their take on soft shell crab deep fried with a thick, crisp batter, served with baby bok choy and sambal, with a subtle hit of acidity of lime and cashew butter. The dishes are designed to be shared, with the plate size varying, so be sure to have a chat with the super-friendly server to get a good handle on portions.


Ideal For

Unusual flavours and unpretentious vibes

Signature Dishes

Dry-aged duck over refried cranberry beans, sweetened with rosemary honey.