Museum of Ice Cream

Ice cream is one of the best things ever - and now you can get up close and personal with everything to do with the frozen treat.

A pair of Ice Cream enthusiasts have opened a museum devoted to the cold and creamy treat. Inspired by the quest to swim in a swimming pool of sprinkles (literally), co-founders Maryellis Bunn & Manish Vora have set up an interactive world of "lick-able, likeable, & shareable" exhibits, installations, and immersive experience unlike anything else in the world. 

Highlights include the thing that started it all - a full sized swimming pool filled with replica sprinkles that feel and look exactly like the rainbow edible ones, edible balloons, and a collaborative sundae room. The dating app Tinder has also teamed up with the museum to help couples find their "true flavour match" and enjoy a ride on a seesaw that looks like a two headed ice cream scoop.  

Of course, there will also be plenty of actual ice cream to eat with food scientist Irwin Adam coming up with unique flavours every week along in partnership with come of the best creameries in town like Black Tap, OddFellows Ice Cream Co, and others. Their cafe will be offering tastings and treats from milkshakes to sundaes and more.

Running from July 29 through August 31, tickets are $18 for a "single," $30 for a "double" and $12 for a "mini." 

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Indulging your sweet tooth

Favorite Room

Sprinkle Pool

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Sundaes forever