In an area that was more rough and ready than up and coming, this 25 seater Japanese spot is the exact thing you need to explore Harlem.

Combining many of the best things in life, ROKC is the brain child of some serious industry vets who wanted to take their combined areas of expertise and make something extraordinary. Sitting on a sub-sidewalk level on Broadway way up in Hamilton Heights, this tiny ramen and cocktail spot is worth making the trip up to Harlem. 

Founded by a couple of Japanese guys who spent plenty of time over at legendary speakeasy Angel's Share, plus a noodle chef who spent time over at Totto and Hide-Chan, ROKC stands for Ramen, Oysters, Kitchen, Cocktails. Oh yeah - and those oysters? They're being selected by an ex-Maison Premier chef. 

Everything here is delicious and inventive, from the hearty noodles to the wide oyster selection, plus these cocktails are worthy of a journey in their own right. Unusual, inventive and tasty, these are classics and then some. 

Ideal For

Having your mind blown

Signature Dishes

Sapporo ramen with chicken-miso broth, chicken chashu, corn, baby bokchoy, scallions, chili pepper, and black pepper.