Pietro Nolita

Swearing that the pink theme is more than just a gimmick, this restaurant on Elizabeth street is certainly eye catching.

Pietro Nolita is not your average Italian restaurant. From co-owners Mina Soliman and Pietro Quaglia, who met while working at fashion power company Dolce and Gabbana, this is "heathy-ish" Italian fare served in a 1950's inspired Americana bedecked diner, where everything from the floors, plant pots, chairs and even some of the food is pink. 

Offering everything from bread baskets and scrambled eggs to start off the day to steak with roasted peppers and faro later on. Naturally, fresh pasta will be making an appearance - and word on the street is that their thematic colour will be up front and center here again. Not all the food with being pink, only when natural coloring like tomato sauce mixed with ricotta or red beet juice is an appropriate addition.


Ideal For

The Instagram wielding, fashion following, foodie types