Sweat it out on the dancefloor to get your day started with a morning rave that's all about getting you feeling good.

Imagine yourself in a massive club, surrounded by coloured lights and disco balls, covered in sweat and glitter. Now, this may sound like any given Saturday night from your early 20's, this time we're telling you the new time to do this is bright and early on a Wednesday before getting ready to go to a naturally dopamine high work day.

Welcome to Daybreakers, a morning rave that's set to get your heart pumping in a very obviously, yet alternative way. Armed with DJ's and Go Go Dancers, this party is all about waking up the best you by having fun, plus they've got yoga, fitness experts and plenty of coffee and juice to help you ease into the transition of daytime. It's pretty much a positivity party, but it's also an incredible workout first thing in the morning. 

They generally happen about once a month in NYC, so check the website for the next dance off. Parties start at 6 am for an hour long fitness session if you really want to go hardcore, and then the dance party takes from 7 am - 9 am. 


Ideal For

Making a workout not feel like a workout.


Making up some really incredible stories for your coworkers why you have glitter on you at 10am on a Weekday.