Better than ice cream, this uncooked dessert is decadent and incurs minimal guilt with smile-inducing flavours and charm.

Everyone has that classic, favourite, childhood memory of licking cookie batter straight out of the bowl whilst your parents were trying to bake. Of course, that memory is generally coupled with the admonishment of not to eat too much as it's really not good for you. Well, someone finally figured out a way around that.

At DŌ in Greenwich Village, they've taken this spoon licking classic and given it a bit of an update - gone are the risks your mother warned you about and instead you have delicious dough ready to eat straight from a bowl. You can still bake it into cookies if you like - or even half bake creating the best of both worlds! - but really it's the rawness that attracts. They've developed all your favourite cookie dough favourites and then some - chocolate chip, sugar cookie, oatmeal M&Ms and chocolate brownie, plus, they've put together some pretty fantastic combos loaded with toppings such as the 'Fluffernutter' with peanut butter, dark chocolate chips & marshmallow fluff and the 'Heavenly' with sugar cookie batter, Nutella, chocolate chips, caramel bits and sea salt. 

These cups of dough are perfect for any time, giving it a serious leg up over the classic Ice Cream.


Ideal For

When you want to have your cake - or cookie dough - and eat it too.