Obsessive Chocolate Disorder

Perfectly formed chocolate from pastry chef Sebastian Brecht with quirky art and a side of subtle humour.

Many feel that chocolate is kind of like a legal drug where you can never seem to get enough. If you are one such believer, there is now a shop that will be your go to spot for a fix. Called Obsessive Chocolate Disorder, this East Village utopia is filled with delicious treats and more that you can share with friends or hideaway all for yourself.

Celebrated pastry chef and chocolatier Sebastien Brecht, who also happens to be the grandson of playwright Bertolt Brecht, was goaded into opening the shop by his wife and two children after years of creating tasty bits, but this shop looks to be more than just a spot for ingesting sugar. Also an artist, Brecht will be creating an art gallery where almost everything on the walls will be for sale. The opening art installation will be a portrait series painted by his sister, but the artist will change every two months. The chef also writes and illustrates children's comic books, which will be available. 

The chocolate itself takes several different forms from molded chocolates to bars and caramels. This is artisanal chocolate at it's finest, with the best machinery, ingredients, and talent going into them.  One of the interesting things that chef Brecht does differently with his chocolates: he prints (in edible ink, of course) the filling flavours on the outside so you know exactly what you're getting into. 


Ideal For

Those with a massive sweet tooth and a taste for the wonderful