Blue Bottle Bushwick

The Bay Area-based coffee company has a massive roastery and cafe in Bushwick and you are welcome to go and get your geek on.

When your love of caffeine demands that you go right to the source, head to Blue Bottle Coffee in Bushwick where you can practically get a wake-up jolt from simply breathing in. The massive 15,800 square foot warehouse features not only large cafe space where you can drink different blends and roasts to your heart's delight, you can also peek in on the magic with the roastery and cupping room visible from the front.

If you're thinking about the long term and need some beans to take home, there's plenty to choose from. There's espresso, blend and single-origin coffees packaged and ready to go, but if you need a moment take a seat beneath a wall of living orchids and sip off one of their delicious brews. 

There's a small selection of snacks available, both of the sweet and savory variety, although there is talk about expanding their options soon. Luckily, their cafe is close to famed Roberta's Pizza, so you can always get something from there.

As with their other larger locations, they will be offering various classes on everything coffee. Check their website for more information.

Ideal For

Getting some seriously delicious and potent coffee.