Latin History for Morons

Award-winning actor John Leguizamo teams up with the Berkeley Repertory Theatre to guide you through a journey of self discovery and history.

Latinos had a long history before they ever became the subject of American politics and award-winning actor and comedian, John Leguizamo, wants to help you learn their story. Inspired by a distinct lack of Latinos in his son's American History Class, he put together this 90 minute, one-man show to tell the journey of their culture starting over 3,000 years ago with the Aztec Empire and continuing through the ages to the modern day, all in search of a Latin Hero to innovate his child.

This isn't just about teaching "morons," but also the self-realization that Leguizamo himself might fall into that category and that change really has to come from within, especially when it is a personal subject like ones own history.

Co-produced by the Berkeley Repertory Theatre and directed by their Artistic Director, Tony Taccone, this is the kind of comedy that will make you laugh, think and talk about it with anyone who will listen and engage for months to come.

Ideal For

Brushing up on knowledge of the world while lightening your spirits.