Green Room 42

From the classically trained to the pantless-ly brilliant, the entertainment at Green Room 42 is always as spot on as their food and drinks.

When food and performance meet, it can sometimes go horribly wrong. Fortunately, the guys over the Green Room 42 inside Yotel, have figured out a winning combination where you can eat, drink and be very merry, plus, have some truly spectacular talent to keep you entertained throughout the process.

There are two very different experiences you can have here: One is the evening show, where you sit back and nibble on bites such as a Jerusalem-style sandwich with pita, baked beef, onion, dill, tomato coulis and pickles or the Schnitzel Burger which has a fried chicken cutlet with a cranberry and brussel sprout slaw and a homemade BBQ sauce. Cocktails are also very much available with speciality concoctions mixed with care making for drinks like the 'Mexican Spy' with a house-infused honey-habanero moonshine and pineapple juice. The stage during this whole process is filled with singers who spend their nights normally gracing much larger stages from Broadway to American Idol and beyond.

If you feel like wearing sunglasses indoors and chasing the hair of the dog, it's all about the brunch performance. With a big menu of dishes ready to make you feel human again like the Ooo La La,  their French Toast with a berry maple syrup and Italian Meringue or the Out of the Boxers which is a falafel waffle with tahini and bacon. The drinks keep flowing here as brunch is a bottomless affair in many senses of the word. Their entertainers are a singer/songwriter duo called The Skivvies, which is old school slang for 'underwear'. You get one guess as to what they're wearing...

Ideal For

When the "every day" simply will not do.