My Perfect Day - Richard Corrigan

Celebrated chef, Richard Corrigan, shares his favourite hangouts and late night drinking spots giving U an insight into his 'perfect day'...

How do you start your day?

I start my day early, with a large cup of coffee and listening to BBC Six FM. I’m a huge music fan and I love their selection.

Leisurely lunch go to? 

You can't beat Bentley's for the Fish Pie and a glass of crisp, chilled Albarino wine. Bentley's recently celebrated its 100th birthday and I'm sure people will be going there for lunch for another 100 years to come, it's unique.

Favourite way to pass the time in London? 

London has so much to offer so this is a hard question, but the best thing about this city, in my opinion, are the people. So, for me, time well spent is a good chat with an old friend at The Groucho Club.

Favourite London landmarks and why?

I love the National Portrait Gallery, although to be honest, all of London's major art galleries are excellent and I can spend hours in them all. I'm a huge fan of both contemporary and classical art and have a lot of pieces in both of my restaurants, and at home. They all mean a lot to me but I am running out of space for any more!

Tipple of choice and favourite cocktail hangout? 

Being Irish, I honestly don't think you can beat Irish whisky! I particularly love Jameson Whiskey with a dash of water. 

I'm going to have to say The Groucho again as I love the people and the ethos. I've been going there for years and for me, it embodies the genuinely eccentric heart of Soho.  

Favourite dining destinations and why? 

My daughter Jessica also works in the food industry and always takes me to the interesting new places that are opening so that I stay in touch with the scene. We recently visited Perilla which I was really impressed with. I love seeing what the new generation of chefs are doing. I also love Adam Byatt's place, Trinity, he is a seriously talented chef. I love the new informal bar and restaurant that he has recently added upstairs.

Final stop for a nightcap and why?

Dickie's Bar at Corrigan's of course! It’s open until 3:00am and funnily enough, they always forget to give me a bill!

Best hangover remedy?

Vodka and Spicy tomato. Conventional, but it works.

Where next on your travels? 

I am spending a lot of time in Ireland at the moment, working on my project over there - Virginia Park Lodge. We are growing a huge amount of fruit and vegetables which we supply to our restaurants and we also cater for events. I also feel very comfortable in Amsterdam.

Richard is the Michelin-starred chef & owner of Corrigan Restaurants, which operates Bentley’s Oyster Bar & Grill, Corrigan’s Mayfair and Bentley’s Sea Grill in Harrods.   

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